Approach from Bédoin – road

The D974 passing in Bédoin is by far the most popular approach to the Mont Ventoux top. Whether it is the most beautiful is doubtful however. And whether it is the most difficult one is also open for discussion.

But if you are in the neighbourhood, Bédoin is the place you should head for if you want to climb the Mont Ventoux. The climb starts easy and peaceful amidst the wine rankings for the local wine. So don’t be mistaken; this is just warming up for the real thing and if you are already heating up there, you should consider a U-turn. 

Mont Ventoux forest
Mont Ventoux forest

After about 5 easy kilometers the climb changes view and… gradient. Upon entering the forest, just after the famous St. Estève bend, the Ventoux starts showing his real face. The coming 9 kilometers through the forest are the most difficult part of the climb, almost constantly flirting with 10%. Be prepared for one hour of pushing the pedals.

With the Chalet Renard within reach, the forest becomes less dense. From the right side, the road from Sault joins the D974. If needed, take a rest at the Chalet Renard, but don’t turn back. There are only 6 kilometers left to the top and the first four of them are a lot easier then what you just conquered.  Moreover, you now enter to so typical moon landscape. 

Mont Ventoux Chalet Renard
Mont Ventoux Chalet Renard

Your biggest ennemy in those last kilometers will probably be the wind. If you’re unlucky, it is blowing in your face at 70 mph and more. But the view on the pin on the top of the Ventoux gives you an almost tangeable goal. Just survive the last rude kilometer and you can touch it, look down behind you and pride yourself of your achievement.

Mont Ventoux moon

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