Mont Ventoux

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Mont Ventoux

Club des Cinglés

In order to become a member of the “Club des Cinglés du Mont Ventoux”,
one should climb the Mont Ventoux via its three asphalted sides on the same day.
The sequence of the ascents is free to choose.

Those who think 137 kilometer and 4400 heightmeters on one day is not enough can go for the Galérien,
which includes the forest route by mountainbike (183 km and 6020 hm) or for the Bicinglette, doing the Cinglés twice (274 km for 8800 hm)!

Inscription costs 20 €. It is best to subscribe at least 14 days prior to your attempt via the Club des Cinglés website.

To date, the club has about 13,000 Cinglés members. More than 600 fanatics have achieved to do the Galérien.

Club des cinglés du Mont Ventoux
Club des cinglés du Mont Ventoux medal