Mont Ventoux

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Mont Ventoux

The mountain

On your way to the south through the Rhone valley along the Route du Soleil you cannot look next to it; the Mont Ventoux. Anyone on his way to more southern French holiday destinations has probably considered to make a small detour to the Mont Ventoux.

The giant of the Provence

As charming and accessible as the Mont Ventoux is lying there from the Rhone valley, as hard the mountain can be. According to some, his name was  derived from the French word for wind, “vent”. On the bare top, the mistral can indeed blow very hard, up to 250 km/h. Cyclists can hold their bicycle like a flying flag. Extreme weather conditions and temperatures alternate each other.

Mont-Ventoux north plane view

When weather is clear, you can look till the Mediterranean sea in the south. To the east, you will find the Montagne de Lure, also called the smaller brother of Mont Ventoux. Further to the east and north you can see the snowy peaks of the Alps. To the west you can watch the Ardêche and Cévennen.