Mont Ventoux

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Mont Ventoux


Bédoin could be one of those villages fallen asleep in the midst French Provence. That this is not the case, has everything to do with the Mont Ventoux. Most time of the year, there is movement in the village, at least by cyclists on their way to Mont Ventoux.

During the summer it may even be busy at times, especially on the day of the market, Monday. The market in Bédoin is the largest in the region, and if you are in the area, a visit is definitely worth the effort. Unless you can’t stand the hustle and bustle.  Parking can be found on one of the large parkings south of the village.
The market is about 400m long over the D974, connecting the south side with the north side of Bédoin, flanked by large plane trees.

Most people know Bédoin only of this D974. The same D974 is also the way to the summit of the Mont Ventoux. When driving from Bédoin via the D974 to the Mont Ventoux summit, you always stay on the territory of Bédoin. Start at the roundabout on the north side of the village, near the “tourist office”.

As you drive from the south side of the village to the north side, you will already win about 15 altitude metres (about 3%). But the official start is on the north side. Along the main street you will find shops, restaurants, bakeries and two supermarkets. On non-market days, you can usually lose your car in the parking lot along the D974 in the village. Ideal for cyclists coming from further to climb the Mont Ventoux.

On the territory of Bédoin you will find a large number of holiday homes in addition to campsites and hotels. There are also some bodega’s where you can taste and buy the local wine (rosé!). Due to its location on the edge of Mont Ventoux, Bédoin is higher than most surrounding villages. When lodging in a village nearby, it is usually already climbing before reaching Bédoin. In the neighbourhood, there are plenty of opportunities to warm up your legs before you root the main course.

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